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advanced digital imaging

CT Scans are vital for implant dentistry. Both patients and non-patients can get their CT Scans in our office.


what is it?


A dental CT Scan (Computed Tomography), also known as a cone beam CT scan (CBCT), is a type of imaging technology that uses X-rays to create three-dimensional images of the teeth, jawbone, and other structures in the head and neck area.

During a dental CT scan, the patient sits or stands while the scanner rotates around their head, taking multiple X-ray images from different angles. The X-ray images are then reconstructed into a 3D model, which allows the dentist or oral surgeon to view the teeth, bones, and other structures from multiple angles and perspectives.

why is it important?


A dental CT scan can provide more detailed and accurate images than traditional dental X-rays, which can be useful in planning complex dental procedures such as dental implant placement, orthodontic treatment, root canals, and surgical procedures. The scan can also help in detecting conditions such as infections, tumors, and impacted teeth that may not be visible on a traditional dental X-ray.

At Sandy Dental, we always perform a CT scan before an implant procedure. Not only does the scan reveal the exact location of vital nerves or cavities, therefore protecting the patient from harm, but it also helps the doctor create a detailed plan with precise measurements and angles for implant placement, which can help the surgery go more smoothly and be performed more quickly.

do i need to be a patient?


We welcome non-patients whose dentists or specialists may need a CT scan, but who don't have it available in their offices. 

ct scans to go 

At Sandy Dental, we welcome patients and non-patients alike for CT scans. Our CBCT-enabled Acteon Xmind Prime is perfect for capturing detailed 3D images of the mandibular and maxillary areas, offering providers the necessary information to safely perform implants.

Dentists and other dental providers are welcome to refer their patients to our office for their CT scan. We will perform the scan, save the information to a CD, and provide the CD to the patient, who can then take the CD back to their dental office.


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a thank you to our patients

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank our current patients. Your trust in us and your kindness towards our staff brighten our day. Not only do you allow us to feel fulfilled professionally, but by patronizing our office you provide us with our daily bread. For this, and so much more, we are grateful to our patients.

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